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Stem Cell skin care

Would you get a stem cell face lift? If you’re not sure, here’s everything you need to know about this new beauty frontier. Every since doctors performed the first ever stem cell transplant back in the late 1950’s, stem cells have held a promise that almost seems to good to be true. These are human body cells that can heal and even cure us. In the decades since the 1950’s, stem cell transplants have been used on thousands of cancer patients and are being hailed as a potential cure for Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injury, and in a new twist, aging skin. As stem cell skin care hits our shelves with claims that it can quickly erase wrinkles, it is important to look at what we don’t know right now.

Where Do Stem Cells Come From ?

If the idea of having human stem cells in your night cream sounds a little far fetched then let us put your mind at ease. You won’t actually find any because these creams contain proteins excreted by stem cells grown in a laboratory. The original stem cells come from various sources. Stemage Skin Care uses stem cells from anonymous bone marrow donors, while Lifeline Skin Care uses embryonic-like stem cells made from unused, unfertilized eggs donated by in vitro fertilization laboratories. Your own fat stem cells, which are extracted from your stomach or thighs, form the basis for U Autologous creams, sold by Personal Cell Sciences.

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How Are They Applied To The Skin ?

Stem cell injections are being called the next generation of Botox, and some dermatologists are injecting patients with cells extracted from thigh or stomach fat to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In theory, this so called stem cell face lift could last for longer than Botox, because the stem cells may not only help skin cells regenerate, they also stimulate fat cells in the face to grow and expand. We already know that we lose fat in our faces as we age so these injections of stem cells fill out the face and reduce sagging.

Other stem cells anti-aging products are applied topically. Once the stem cells have been grown in sterile conditions, companies bottle what is left behind, a mixture of growth inducing proteins, and mix them with antioxidants, moisturizers and other skin protecting substances.

How Do These Stem Cell Products Works ?

Proteins released by stem cells have been shown to aid in wound healing and it makes sense that the same treatments would work for chronic skin conditions like wrinkles, sun damage and redness. The stem cells are thought to encourage cell regeneration and this is what repairs cells damaged by the sun and aging. They also stimulate these cells to produce more collagen and elastin, which thickens and firms the skin.

How Much Evidence Is There ?

In 2012 a clinical study of nine middle aged men and women used the U Autologous cream twice a day on one side of the face. After 8 weeks, computer analysis revealed that the participants had 25% fewer facial wrinkles on that side and also produced more elastin and collagen. Lifeline Skin Care recently conducted a similar study which involved daily and nightly use of their Eye Firming Complex. The results showed a reduction in the depth of fine lines and wrinkles by 25% after 56 days. The results of these clinical trials haven’t been published in peer-reviewed journals which is an important scientific stamp of approval.

How Much Does It Cost ?

The suite of U Autologous creams and serum cost $1,500 per month after an initial $3,000 visit. 1 ounce each of Lifeline’s day and night serums sells for $340. A 30 day supply of Stemage’s three essential creams sells for $49.95 and stem cell injections cost up to $10,000.

Stem cell treatments are very promising and more research is being carried out all the time to see what ingredients and products really do work and which ones are safe for long term use. Those who have already had stem cell face lift and achieved amazing results are proof that these procedures really do work when you have them done by professional and reputable clinics.