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Heart diseases

According to medical statistics, cardiovascular diseases are the most common death factor in the world today. Thus, the heart was one of the first to be identified as one of the objects of regenerative cell therapy. As soon as mesenchymal stem cells had been studied enough, experiments have been conducted on the treatment of heart attack with MSCs. Experiments were conducted worldwide, and it was proven that MSCs are extremely effective in treating heart diseases. Clinical trials and application followed shortly, and showed that after stem cell therapy of heart, the heart recovers by 80-90%!

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Stem cells are being effectively used in treatment of heart failures and heart attacks. After receiving stem cell treatment, 100% of patients see either substantial improvement or stabilization in their condition.

General procedure in treatment of heart failure
  • Examination of patients: general clinical tests, rest ECG, stress ECG (treadmill test), Echo, Holter monitor, SPECT of myocardium, vascular Doppler ultrasound, chest X-ray studies, etc.
  • Bone marrow puncture
  • Culturing of mesenchymal stem cells from autologous bone marrow (35-40 days)
  • Intravenous transplantation of the prepared MSC culture
  • Control examinations of patients, post-treatment follow-up (in 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months)
Results of the Treatment of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease Who Received Systemic i/v MSC Transplantation
  • Improvement of physical stress tolerance
  • Frequency of angina attacks reduced
  • Ejection fraction increased by 13-15%
  • Enhancement of the myocardium perfusion