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Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

Aging is the result of the progressive depletion of stem cells. This means that the introduction of new stem cells has the potential of slowing down or even reversing this process. Stem cell therapies are among the world’s greatest collective scientific breakthrough. The possess the clear potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life.

Stem cell possess a unique anti-aging effect by improving immune function and regenerating and repairing organs that have been damaged by stressors such as free radicals and the toxins that we are exposed to every day.

Anti-Aging And Stem Cells

The body uses its own stem cells to make it stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease. As we age, we use stem cells to repair damaged organs, or to replace those stem cells destroyed by toxins over time. At all stages in life, the body fights damage by using stem cells. When you smoke, stem cells go to the lungs. When you get sunburn, these cells repair the skin. Scientists today know that every organ in the body recruits stem cells from the bone marrow to resuscitate itself.

As we age, the bone marrow releases fewer stem cells. This means that the body has less power to repair the damage caused by aging. This is where stem cells treatments can come into play and they are now being used to help reverse the aging process. In healthy individuals, skin youthfulness is maintained by epidermal stem cells which self-renew and generate new cells that become new skin. Scientists have discovered, that despite the accumulation of aging blemishes and changes in aging skin, epidermal stem cells are maintained at normal levels throughout life. This means that skin aging is caused by impaired stem cell mobilization from the bone marrow or a reduced number of stem cells being able to respond to the repair signals. Scientists believe that if they increase the number of circulating stem cells by mobilizing from the bone marrow and by infusion of additional stem cells that they can dramatically change this cell behavior.

It has also been claimed that stem cell exhaustion from the bone marrow is partly responsible for the process of cardiovascular aging which results in diseases such as angina, heart attack, stroke and senile dementia. It has been proven that stem cell damage in the bone marrow, from aging, is responsible for coronary artery disease and resultant cardiac muscle damage. This means that cardiac disease can be prevented by stem cell therapy.

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Stem Cells – The Most Powerful Solution

Stem cells appear to be the most powerful tool when it comes to regenerative medicine. Previous dogma concerning adult stem cells taught that our tissues did not have stem cells and the cells present at birth just declined in quantity and quality until there was nothing left. If was also believed that hematopoietic stem cells lacks plasticity and could not transform to other tissues.

Current medical literature proves that adult stem cells exist in most tissues including the brain, heart, muscles and liver. Adult stem cells do have plasticity to potentially transform and repair all tissues and organs. Current literature also shows that stem cell supplementation of an age-damaged bone marrow stem cell population can result in rejuvenation and the increase in longevity of that stem cell source.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Responses

Stem cells are now been used in a number of therapies and the most evident beauty response in stem cell treated patients is the appearance of the facial skin a few weeks after the therapy. The skin is said to glow and patients notice a smoothness and improvement in color along with a look of youthfulness. Grey hair has been noted to regain its original color and bald spots have filled in. The rest of the skin also shows an improvement in color and age-related pigmentation marks, less bruising and an increase in elasticity and tone.

  • Physical improvements such as less head and neck aches, decreased soreness in neck, arms and legs, reduced stiffness in joints and far less tiredness or fatigue.
  • Aesthetic improvements include the skin on the face and hands becoming tighter, fewer wrinkles, looking younger, change in color of hair from grey to normal, hair thickening and more.
  • There are also mental and emotional improvements, improvements in energy levels and an improvement in the overall quality of life.