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Allergy is often called by doctors "the plague of the III millennium" , the disease of civilization. According to statistics, today every fifth inhabitant of our planet suffers from allergy, every sixth American, one in four Germans, from 5 to 30% of Russians. Every 10 years, the number of patients doubles. In the next few years more than half the world's population will become allergic, according to forecasts by scientists.

Allergies are becoming so widespread due to pollution by exhaust gases, emissions of industrial waste, increasing use of antibiotics and other drugs; the rapid development of the chemical industry, a large number of synthetic materials, dyes, detergents and other materials, many of which are allergens. Psycho-emotional overload, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and stress contribute to the development of allergies.

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There is a wide range of means to treat chronic allergic reactions: acupuncture, breathing exercises, physical therapy, homeopathic treatment. Specialists use psychotherapy, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming. However, the most important thing in the treatment of allergies is to identify the cause and stop contact with the causing factor. However, knowing all the factors, full recover from allergies today is almost impossible.

But stem cells help to treat allergies too!

We have experience in the treatment of people who with the coming of spring begin to suffer from allergic reactions to pollen. A single injection of MSCs allows them to survive the spring without allergies!