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Loosening Restrictions on Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Medical News Image

Loosening Restrictions on Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Medical News

Saturday 9 July 2005 - 12am PSTThe Exchange Diary on Thursday checked out raising Republican assistance in Congress for (HR 810/S 471) that would loosen limitations on federal financing for human beginning stem cell study (Wysocki, Exchange Diary, 7/7). The existing beginning stem cell study policy permits federal financing for the study just when the cells are drawn out from stem cell lines produced on or before Aug. 9, 2001, the date that Head of state Bush revealed the policy. The Stem Cell study Improvement Act of 2005, which your home accepted in May, would broaden federal financing for beginning stem cell study and enable study making use of stem cells derived from embryos initially produced for fertility treatments and willingly donatedSenate is anticipated to use up and accept a similar cost. Nonetheless, Bush has actually endangered to ban the measure (Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Record, 5/31).

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Challengers of beginning stem cell study state that the process damages human life which it might bring about federal financing for study cloning. In spite of Bush's opposition to the legislation, surveys show that most Republican politicians in Congress even those that resist abortion civil liberties favor loosened up limitations on financing for beginning stem cell study. In addition, many Senate Republicans with undecided positions on the legislation represent states with constituents strongly in favor of promoting beginning stem cell study, according to the Diary. The legislation might wind up in a House-Senate conference task force, a move that might "lure" the Bush administration to compromise on the problem, the Diary records (Exchange Diary, 7/7).
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