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Affitech Participates In The Newly Formed Norwegian Stem Cell-Based Tumour Therapy Center - Medical News Image

Affitech Participates In The Newly Formed Norwegian Stem Cell-Based Tumour Therapy Center - Medical News

Affitech AS the Norwegian human antibody therapeutics company, announced its membership in the recently ushered in Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Based Growth Treatment (ACTORS). In the frame of this participation, Affitech will utilize its proprietary CBAS™ & profession (Cell Based antibody Selection) platform to recognize molecules of medical interest. CBAS™ & profession is a reverse screening strategy which makes use of both patient-derived and also naïve antibody collections to swiftly generate totally human antitoxins and also their cognate antigens when present in their natural configuration.

The ACTORS program, which has its origin in the stem cell study activities at Oslo University and also the consolidated Rikshospitalt/Radiumhospital, has the standing of a Center of study Based Development (CRI) and also has actually been given financial support from The Norwegian study Council. Furthermore, Oslo-based Ulleval Healthcare facility and also the University of Oslo are companions in the consortium, along with leading Norwegian diagnostic and also biopharmaceutical firms. The Center is being coordinated Krauss and also Ola Myklebost and also it intends to cultivate closer cooperation between academic and also sector researchers leading to the advancement of new techniques and also companies for the medical diagnosis and also treatment of cancer.

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Baseding on Prof. Krauss, "Our job is based upon the presumption that heterogeneity is a major concern in lots of lumps, and also subpopulations of cancer cells with stem cell like features, described as "cancer stem cells" can be main in the advancement of cancer. Traditional cancer treatments targeting fast dividing cells may miss cancer stem cells. Such surviving cancer stem cells are assumed to play a central part in Growth regression. Advancement of certain restorative techniques against those cancer stem cells will get rid of the basis for the establishment and also regression of lumps and also can transform cancer Treatment. We are pleased to have Affitech as one of our companions and also to be able to utilize CBAS™ & profession for evaluating one-of-a-kind biomarkers (targets) and also antibody binding to such targets both for diagnostic and also restorative functions."

Dr. Martin Welschof, CEO of Affitech, commented: "As specialists in oncology ourselves, we are pleased to get involved in this new effort based upon the worldclass study being carried out within ACTORS. CBAS™ & profession has already allowed us to generate our own amazing pipeline of oncology antibody prospects in document time and also we expect it will have a comparable effect on ACTORS's activities. The very first set of product prospects in the Affitech pipeline are totally human antitoxins for cancer, a minimum of among which is expected to become part of medical stage of advancement by 2009.

Regarding CBAS™ & profession
Cell-Based antibody Selection is a proprietary technique developedthe swift recognition of highly certain antitoxins towards epitopes on entire living cells. This innovation makes it possible for the generation of totally human antitoxins acknowledging antigens in their proper "in vivo configuration", technique is the probability to recognize recently unknown antigens plus certain antitoxins acknowledging them.

Regarding Affitech
Affitech AS is an independently held human restorative antibody discovery and also advancement company with head office and also R&D centers in Oslo, Norway and also its United States subsidiary in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company's existing condition emphasis is oncology and also it makes use of two discrete yet one-of-a-kind approaches for the discovery of totally human antitoxins - Molecule Based antibody Discovery, and also Cell Based antibody Discovery. Molecule Based antibody Discovery includes proprietary PhagemidScreeN and also AffiScreeN™ & profession innovations and also uses verified targets for discovery objective. Cell Based antibody Discovery is based upon CBAS™ & profession innovation, which is a "reverse-screening" strategy for uncovering antitoxins and also their cognate targets utilizing disease-specific cells. Many of the company's proprietary product prospects currently in advancement were generatedalso offers its proprietary Protein L product for the filtration of antibody and also antibody fragments. Affitech provides collaborators a versatile company model and also affordable cost structure with low aristocracy piling. The company has actually concluded take care of commercial companies such as Roche, Peregrine, XOMA, Nat.Immune, Viventia, Dyax, Micromet, Pharmexa and also.

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